Newborn Photography Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are a wonderful way to capture your new addition to your family in the comfort of your own home. These sessions allow you to capture memories of the nursery, siblings or even the family pet! They are the perfect way to capture what life was truly like in that moment of time.  These natural at-home sessions are relaxed.  There is no "posing" of you or the baby, but rather gentle direction to help bring out your true authentic selves. This type of environment is wonderful for siblings as they feel more relaxed in their own home. 


These sessions can be stand alone, or they are also offered as an add on to the full In-Studio  Session. 


Please note that I like for these sessions to be done within 2-4 weeks of the child's birth.  Unlike the "posing" sessions, the baby does not have to be "brand new" and their slight awareness can add more connection and wonder to the shot. 


In -Studio Sessions

In-Studio Newborn sessions are timeless, classic and fun.  They can be done up to 2 weeks after birth for a "posed" session or up to 3 weeks for a more "natural" session.  Some parents want a little bit of both; a "posed" and a "natural" feel to their album.  And some may want more of a lifestyle feel to their session, but would rather not have it in their home. My in-home studio space can offer both. 

These sessions will last between 2-3 hours.  I approach these sessions in a way that is safe, clean, classic and timeless.  

Please note that I am a mom myself and I have had years of experience posing babies.  I understand that your baby must be posed in a safe position. If you don't book with me, please, I urge you to book with a photographer that you trust to keep your baby safe while posing.